Pallas Athene College

Inspiration, Respect, Achievement

Welcome to the website of the Pallas Athene College, the school which focuses on YOUR talents. Our school offers so much more than just the ordinary curriculum. We have an excellent talent classes programme. Whether you opt for sports, drama or research, we provide the right culture in which to discover, nourish and fully develop your talents. We also have a wonderful programme for highly advanced students in which we demand outstanding academic results  that are nurtured by a culture which values achievement in all activities. Next to our advanced programme, we have an eye for those students who are in need of some extra support to fully achieve secondary school standards. We offer all our students the possibility to achieve success, gain selfconfidence and be equipped as independent learners, ready to take their places as responsible 21st century citizens. Therefore, the Pallas Athene College is an excellent choice.

Studying and learning is something you do together, with your fellow students as well as with your teachers.

A fine learning environment is foremost a safe environment. That is why we treat each other with respect and decency. As we aim to prepare you for society, we inspire you to not only study from your books but also look to the world around you. We stimulate you to discover what you are capable of and we do our utmost to successfully coach and guide you towards an academic achievement that will open many doors for you. We have summarized our school culture in three words: Inspiration, Respect and Achievement.

These core values form the basis of our culture, curriculum and the way we treat each other at our school.

At the Pallas Athene College you will be given the opportunity to discover your possibilities and talents and you will be offered the chance to strut your stuff! Whether you are a talented sportsman, a dramatist, a crafts talent or a science buff, the Pallas Athene College is the place to be!